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Does Digital Marketing Really Matter?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing strategy involves the promotion of products, services, and brand of a business entity through numerous channels of electronic media. This is different from the traditional form and enables an enterprise to analyze its marketing campaign and find what is working in real time.

While platform like Internet is the most widely used in this marketing, others including mobile text messaging, mobile apps, podcast, electronic billboards, etc complement the process.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Digital media is highly pervasive and dynamic. It is an ever-growing source of entertainment, information, shopping and social interaction. A consumer easily finds not only what you say about your own products and services but also what other users are saying about you.

Digital Marketing effectively drives the targeted prospects to your website at comparatively less time, efforts and investments. But, it all depends on the marketing strategy you choose and its implementation. Even a smaller change in the campaign can make bigger impact.

Manage Customer Relationships across All Channels

People always search for brands they can trust, offers that are tailored to their needs and communications that are personalized and relevant. It’s not enough just to know your potential customers but you must know their preferences and searching behaviour. Communicate with them where, when and how they are most receptive to your message. For that, you need a consolidated approach and continuous working across all channels such as web, social media, mobile, direct e-mail, etc. This helps to achieve the desired goal of consistent and coordinated customer experience with higher sales conversion.

What We Offer?

We, at Pixelwebby, offer complete and integrated digital marketing solutions to build an efficient and effective online presence of your business. Our online marketing solutions are designed to enhance the reach of marketing, sales, and distribution programs through better customer engagement, brand building and wider coverage of new customer bases.

We work on the following areas to fulfil the objectives of our business partners.

  • Campaign Management: Involves complete campaign process from initial concepts to implementation, monitoring and reporting to ensure fulfilment of objectives.
  • Email Marketing: Campaigns are designed to deliver relevant content to targeted online communities with the right offer and at the right time. We ensure the emails are compatible to all potential clients, multiple browsers and are mobile friendly.
  • Targeted Online Advertising: is directly aimed at users based as per their searching and shopping experiences. The promotion includes advanced platforms like social media, AdWords, PPC, CPC, CPM, etc.
  • Promotions and Contests: Include promotional tools and services to create engaging and unique experiences for target audience. The fully managed and value added promotions and contents maximize your sales and conversion efforts.
  • Digital Analytics: Help you to determine the effectiveness of your digital distribution program, customer behaviour and interactions for more informed business decisions.
  • Conversion Optimization Services: To deliver the highest return by ensuring innovative and responsive optimization practices for maximizing the conversion rates.

If you have any plan to make your website more productive and bring higher ROI of your business, then get started with Pexelweb today. Our strategic digital marketing services portfolio is structured to strengthen your brand awareness and increase the targeted market share and revenue objectives at lesser time and investment.